Appalto Collaborates With the IMC for Better Waste Collection and Disposal Practices

It has been two years since Indore was first given the title of the ‘Cleanest City of India’, since then the Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) has taken many steps to ensure that the benchmark of cleanliness set in the first year is not just maintained, but is raised further. Whether it has been the continuous monitoring of the garbage segregation, discouraging the use of plastic, etc., the IMC has been instrumental in taking measures to improve the standards of cleanliness in the city. Recently, the IMC took another step in this direction and that is of changing the garbage weighing process at Transfer Stations to get real time weight data of wet and dry waste collected in the city.

There are 10 Transfer Stations in Indore, where the garbage collected from a cluster of closely located areas is unloaded. The waste is then weighed, packed in a capsule and taken to the trenching ground. Earlier, the capsules that transferred the waste from the transfer stations to the trenching ground were measured for the amount of waste. This provided the data of the total waste collected.

However, with the installation of automated weighbridges, the transfer stations will be able to weigh the amount of dry and wet waste dumped from each vehicle and save the data on a cloud server. These records will help the IMC keep track of the amount of dry and wet waste being collected from each area. It will enable them to determine whether the drivers are making the assigned number of trips to each area and are efficiently performing the given tasks or not. This will further assist them in analyzing the trends and patterns and whether they should be encouraged. They will be able to decide if vehicles or the number of trips per vehicle need to be increased. It will also aid them in revising their policies for further enhancement of the garbage collection process.

The installed weighbridges require no manual intervention. When the vehicle mounts the weighbridge platform, its vehicle code will be authenticated through cross-verification with a database on the cloud server. During the unloading process, the vehicle will be weighed multiple times to measure the weight of dry and wet waste loaded on the truck. The data will be stored on the cloud server in real time for further analysis.

The use of automated weighing systems with real time data will help the city administration resolve problems faster and will aid in developing a systematic process for garbage collection. Moreover, with the assistance of the citizens, the city administration can effectively work for the progress of the city.

We, at Appalto, understand our responsibility towards our city and are honored that we could be a part of this initiative.